China pickup truck market situation

Pickup truck manufacturer china at this stage there are about 40, a total investment of over 6.5 billion yuan, with a total production capacity of nearly 400,000. Years of competition has enabled china Automobile Manufacturers pickup trucks formed a complete covering grades, various types of supporting body
Department of flexible combination situation. Pickup image quality, usability decided to distinguish it from other models of market segments, such as consumer groups, private consumption.
The current status of the pickup truck industries, scattered, chaotic, poor, slow conflicts, disorder and could not form a cohesive force as the main feature. Dozens of pickup truck production enterprises, the courage to take a huge risk policy environment minefields, has entered the small market space in order to survive, but have failed to reach an economy of scale. From this stage pickup truck market situation, our pickup truck just entering the early growth of the industry, the pickup truck is the highest localization rate has not yet started, the strongest independent development capabilities, intellectual property largest, but is not suitable for China’s national conditions one models.
China pickup truck models can be divided into two kinds of American and Japanese, the former Puma defended styling, wide body, chassis high power; latter by a small car or truck evolved, small, fuel-efficient low-cost.
From the technical point type spectrum are: Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, GM and Japan-US models combo models. There are four types of pick upfactory china: First joint imported type, the general price 10 ~ Between 130,000 yuan, is a high-end pickups, such as JMC, Qingling, Zhengzhou Nissan, Foday, Kim Tong and other pickups; Second, self-development type, price between 6 to 80,000 yuan, is a mid-range pickups, such as the hippocampus, Yangtze, fields, Wuhu FAW, Great Wall pickup; Third agricultural vehicle industry involving pickups, mostly price at around 4 to 5 million, is a low-grade pickups, such as Shandong Wendeng Panthers pickup, pickups, etc. Foton sunlight. Diesel, gasoline points from the fuel type, displacement ranging from 1. 5 ~ 3. 0L. Fourth is a famous domestic auto group into the pickup truck industry: such as FAW pickups, two steam Dongfeng pickup, Yuejin pickup, pickup truck, etc. Kim Tong Brilliance Jinbei, priced between the high-grade pickup category. Five are some of the companies involved in military defense conversion pickup truck production industry, including Hebei as much. Six are numerous “motley crew” workshop-oriented manufacturers, mainly bought several large assembly parts to assembly lines piecemeal knock of “mimicry” pickups, generally priced at 3 to 5 million, is a low-grade pickup annual sales ranging from dozens to a hundred units.
At present, users tend to use the conclusions pickup function is laden passenger pickup features inconsistent, but the overall tendency to gradually increase passenger spending intentions. This inference, pickups have the ability to replace individual cars. Since the pickups are open cargo compartment, cities are to be classified as trucks and limit line. Pickup car card as one of the vehicles, the city should be its main work place, but within the current policy framework, pickup trucks are banned in most cities limit access, so many have measures pickup truck business, will target the van in the car, will be closed after the envelope and put “5” prefix or “6” prefix directory, you can smooth passage in many cities, but not every city is able to release. In short, at this stage, not only in China pickup truck, “acclimatization”, and in the future for a long period of time does not comply with China’s national conditions.
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Foudy sales myths

Last month, according to public data foudy China foudy sales of 6078, more than the same period last year rose 56.1%. What is in the same period last year? Is 1111. If time stretched a little bit more, foudy this year, sales of the first three months of 14801, compared with the same period last year sales of 1223 units. Since the first quarter have the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival is not obviously affected foudy sales factors.

In china Automobile Manufacturers senior car market, kay, debate has been more subject to the fire. But this topic in the last two years has been the media rarely mentioned. The reason may be because the powder is too powerful, also may be run on the road of the accord attention more and more low, but the most fundamental reason or weakening of the sales of the accord.

With the rise in sales, Foday automotive prices also will rise., according to media public information foudy car nearly 10000 yuan, the average price of 2014 foudy rises as high as the whole is more than twenty thousand yuan!

From the sharp increase to substantial price increases, Foday actively exploring Automotive production export company of the road.

For days, according to the geographical foudy success factors is necessary

As a microcosm of the era, foudy has just started in China, domestic senior car is or was the scene of early spring. , passat B5, into the country to the third year gm also just deliver on the promises of “with a new car for a year”. The buick regal has just been released, the market faces an uncertain future. As for the Citroen Seine flows that are floating clouds. Compared with the competitive partners, foudy at this time is the seventh generation version.

Unlike the civil public, foudy are products at the same time around the world. From Asia to Europe, North America to South America, the in-line four models are adopted new K series engine, using advanced technology such as I – VTEC.

Not only that, but their creative implementation from sales to the service of “four one”, this is the famous model 4 s shop. This article is absolutely no market reference path, completely changed the face of China’s auto market.

It also constantly updated, that every time the global synchronization, senior models constantly increasing, openings has become a market norm;

Model 4 s shops have sprung up all over the joint venture and autonomous, this model is the high cost of network construction more and meet the challenge of the Internet;

Rival shine on you, from the camry to many models, the public, the powder become enthusiastic, incredible. And a “hunger marketing” first foudy sales a signpost red.

For a business style of senior car foudy is absolutely the most classic case of China’s auto market. And now the universality of the “rose”, “escape”, “wing” soil terrapin different names, such as foudy named very exquisite. Is closely related to model characteristics, and only two words, easy to spread. Look at today’s model named, more and more strange name make a person dazzling, want to let a person remember they have some difficulty.

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The car endorsement of those stars

From the trend of recent years, more and more cars looking for star endorsement!

automobiles manufacturers, Endorsement may be a means to borrow star image to lift product popularity. Regardless of the endorsement image is so suitable for, anyway is better than nothing. Likewise, in the endorsement of the world there are many famous star forays, such as ChengLongZhi mass of caddy, small shenyang they cool bear, and so on, these bloody example tells us the importance of cautious endorsements.

Especially for many is trying to change the image of the independent brand companies, who choose to endorse should be wary. Haima automobile, for one, they are brand rejuvenation of strategic transformation, plans to let whole vehicle system upgrade in the next few years, they will present a brand-new brand image. As a result, the new force of hippocampal S5 widespread in the wake of the 80, 80 brought in the crowd, the positive energy of Cenozoic mo sorrow as product spokesperson wu music days later.

So for the hugely popular star, she has a unique temperament and talent, through the “China good voice” and after the TV programs, songs, etc., through by wu mo sorrow from unknown became very famous. Then such as pepsi-cola, samsung GALAXY Tab3 and vs international first-line brand endorsement activity for her career growth injected with more power.

Hot as, South Korea, Korean cars please Korean stars to endorse became a well-deserved things. In bouts of celebrity endorsements, modern kia before cut a swath of the Beijing auto show, and let the organizers and the media to raise his eyebrows. However, lee min-ho endorsement of dongfeng yueda kia’s products and south China area of words in the ears, yadi electric car broke into the long legs and the line of sight. Visible in the endorsement of the world, whether cars or electric vehicles is nothing special as a tall.

In china Automobile Manufacturers in Endorsement is a small cost, but is a great asset for televsion. If mining in place can use a very short time to influence the choice of the buyer. Examples of failure, of course, is also a lot of, such as ChengLongZhi to caddy, small shenyang is to cool the bear, and televsion product image don’t match led to the failure of the endorsement. For young people market Korean cars, to use the local Cenozoic stars should not be a problem. So, when lee min-ho, Kim soo-hyun star after harvest many Chinese fans, they should become a modern kia’s signing.

But if you want to convert the assets of the screen for the wealth of the automobiles manufacturers actually is not simple. Because the audience is familiar with the image characteristics of luxury car, they drive at this time to let the audience to accept some young also very personal economy cars will have certain difficulty.

This is a question worth considering, Jackie chan eldest brother didn’t what lenovo with a truck, so the caddy for failing to follow. Shenyang though it is a fire at the time, but this time, the image is too niang gun, and everyone don’t know that he loves his wife. And endorsements for Korean cars although all these stars heartthrob, but both modern and kia have no such content to use to the extreme. Is through the football, the Olympic, skiing, tennis, the NBA, and so on sports sponsorship, Korean cars at doing event marketing has a lot of debauchery.

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Auto China agent

China’s auto market this big cake was more and more important to foreign automakers.

As a result, more and more foreign car brands in China looking for automobile China agent.

We from Shanghai auto show, auto show before, all kinds of “night” light up the joint brand enterprise. From launch to strategic planning, etc., “night” although some extravagance and waste, but the incomparable efficiency and accurate transmission is the car companies are more willing to pay for the reason.

China’s SUV car agent company, Light has the form of “night” is not enough. Especially in the case of a few optional site, on the “tall” is very important. As a result, the public holds the bird’s nest, general water cube. Two phase confrontation, it should be said that both sides took out enough sincerity. To create a new energy vehicles, pure electric and hybrid market. A new model to deep market and pay more attention to scientific and technological content at the same time, the construction of a productivity will be unprecedented. At present, the public has been basically completed production layout. While general motors in China capacity increased by 63% by 2020.

Auto China agent enterprise investment increase makes people doubt, the future of the Chinese market size for the number of new capacity? They will pose adverse impact to domestic car brands?

As famous Automobile Manufacturers china,Guangzhou Honda is a very typical example. Although the company can’t get the audi brand and high magotan, seven of the latest best-selling models, but local demands to let passat models such as youth. A little old it doesn’t matter, as well. Model a bit less it doesn’t matter, their development.

If guangzhou Honda is forced to, then the gm in China is leading the way. Is different from German, Japanese, gm technology is not so stingy. Even like powertrain core technology, so they are willing to use the method of box cooperation development together with friends, share the results. It makes the back “technology to use

Cooperation, of course, the power development is only a small aspect of the general motors in localization. Many years ago, gm is established and joint research and development institutions in China – pan-asia automobile. Through the hands of pan-asian, gm can more relevant aesthetic and habits of Chinese consumers. Thus in regard to the development of models from sail to the grand hyatt to model to Cadillac SLS, the new regal, the new grand hyatt, and so on, they rarely as “slow” as a German cars. Rarely the product configuration unreasonable.

The current state of China’s auto market nor more than a decade ago. On the one hand, the market is saturated. On the other hand, first-tier cities due to increased vehicle restrictions for purchasing behavior is killing the auto market. Under such conditions, Volkswagen only thought of with cheap cars and new energy vehicles way of presentation, amplification and gm’s way is conveniently localization.

In the next few years, there will be more and more foreign brands in China, looking for Chinese regional car agent. Chinese auto industry will be how to development.

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China’s auto market in where

From the launch to direct factory construction, all reflect the producers to the western market value. This phenomenon indicates that the western car markets may have to way, and now it is the car companies to enter the best time.

As years ago, a car event, Shanghai auto show is about to begin. But everybody knows that the era of relying on the effect of auto show to pull the car sales is in the past, at least for the city for purchasing.

The latest policy, according to Beijing next year will reduce 90000 car licences, that is to say, Beijing car instantly fell to 150000 cars by 240000. Affected by the trend, even though inclusiveness strong Shanghai may weaken gradually take half a lottery license plate number. And not how good economic environment, etc., three big domestic top auto show’s influence will continue to weaken.

In contrast, more and more automobiles manufacturers will describe to the western market some three, four-tier cities. Manufacturer of the western market value lies in its enormous economic capacity and market potential in the future.

Take long settled in western automobile facotry china for, Production capacity expansion and expansion is of top priority. Foudy, for example, established in 320, 520, 620, 720, and the X60 five product based on the status of each river’s lake, foudy recently breath issued 330, 530, lifan li 630 three new products. Have, should say push new strength is quite big, this in recent years on the market is indeed a rare thing.

For foudy car, this is just a part of its product strategy. In the future, they will be universal access to T the power and the further extension will be car product line. The SUV, there will be X40, X50, X70 and X80 launch.

Similarly, many in leading automakers in china also have the market aimed at the west. Only an independent brands they released the theory better, cause it is XT, escape, CS35, yue xiang V3, yue xiang V5, the force, and the new changan star, with right line and honour, and other products.

This structure for home court advantage relying on the western market and the national layout and global export enterprise, is a natural advantage.

Behind the new product is an expansion of production capacity and release, as the car companies are the chengdu plant operation and further release of chongqing automobile production capacity, with sufficient human resources superiority and the economic radiation ability of chengdu-chongqing economic belt will trip the binary structure of automobile production capacity.

So, said the future of China’s car in the west.

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What is the good SUV

Let’s look at some of Europe’s SUV models, such as land rover, we know, land rover, and military vehicles is therefore regardless of brand or product appear more manly. From the point of the fourth generation of jaguar land rover, it still maintained a boxy silhouette, emphasizes the better field of vision and by sex, apparently poor road conditions is interested in it. In contrast, models just like BMW X5 will air suspension listed as optional content, because it is mainly for road traffic. “Move heaven and earth, quietly,” appearance is good enough.

We have to look at what is France’s SUV, as we all know, the French are more romantic plot and fashionable temperament, they put special emphasis on the texture and taste, so in such aspects as wine, dress and perfume French has a great advantage.

For automobiles manufacturers in France tend to have publicity for their design and excellent dynamic performance. So for DS the luxury SUV brand especially the brand, and is the embodiment of a kind of what kind?

We get the DS brand, for example, as the French President’s own brand, the DS Paris auto show debut in 1955, won the praise like tide. Its unique shape and advanced technology at the time was considered the most powerful symbol of France creativity. She is so unique that you can think so, this is something out of the reality of mechanical art. She completely ignored the age all cars design thinking. And the continuation of this uniqueness, embodied in the SUV – DS 6 above can use the following a few words to describe: about aerodynamics, aircraft cockpit design, luxury and romance…

This series of words, and can’t express it very good in terms of “homogeneity” characteristics, but as you can imagine is that its design is different, is different from the American car, also different from ABB. It brings us a problem, whether it has a clear product positioning?

DS6 models look at automobile china agent, Is emphasized by the hard, aesthetic belief. Specific to the model, it reflects the sharp factor expressed by its uncompromising personality genes. It is different from the JEEP that kind of a lot of taste, it is also different from land rover to the unknown world is yearning, of course, is different from BMW for urban roads. Either from the perspective of video or image element DS6 bias is demonstrably city gens crowd, but the specific consumer groups but is not limited to the commonplaces of the urban elite. As a summary of the American people are “a special car only special talents can drive”. And these special person, perhaps only when it is listed only after fully revealed.

Obviously, SUV Chinese manufacturers aware, especially for those who have been struggling companies, their brand precipitation and distinctive product characteristics are often a orders, and the precondition of customer loyalty.

Thus, we take a look at some brands, such as the JEEP, everyone knows this is an American brand. The car is characterized by rich atmosphere, luxury and configuration. Because of such a concept, the United States have been advocating large displacement car in the past, so much of its equipment with high displacement is required to support its configuration requirements. After entering a new era. Americans no longer pure pursuit of driving pleasure brought by the large power, therefore most of the models have the JEEP “all roads” features, the grand Cherokee is had “the strongest in the history of the whole traffic SUV” slogan.

But anyway, in this era of advocating personality, the SUV is the most popular category passenger car field. Under the market bullish factors, rather than follow suit made, than alone. Only in this way, the enterprise can progress in the flow of the SUV further!

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The growing popularity SUV

Manufacturers do not necessarily understand, consumers may not be so clear. So, those are a lot of new SUV especially delayed starting a new product under the brand SUV.

After a growth spurt in recent years, exports Suv outlet from china market is still not significant weakness SUV market potential in China, how much?

You know, in this huge SUV market, new models are constantly influx. For example, DS 6, modern ix25, Honda Bin wisdom or something. Not only this, many new entrants to the market or new brand will also debut as SUV models, such as Refine S3, Weichai English cause S201, Jinbei zhishang S30, ZTE C3, Beiqi Magic Speed ​​S2 / S3, Tianjin FAW Chun sent D60 and so on.
Especially for new entrants, they are usually very stressed cost factors, it seems that this is the product to win the market’s most powerful weapon. But in fact, a strange unfamiliar brand models, the minds of consumers have doubts.
So you want to sell their products, not add to the configuration and things can get lower prices, the key is you have to understand what consumers want.

For example, why consumers prefer famous Automobile Manufacturers china SUV. This is not the whole problem of product quality and service

Some brands of SUV is often higher than some other brands of SUV on automotive prices。But why consumers still want to buy? Actually nothing more than the brand’s SUV with comfort unmatched with other SUV.

But this does not prevent the correctness of the cost-effective strategy. And refine the S3, for instance, as the first small SUV jianghuai’s product, it is also a very high cost performance products, of course, but it’s as easy to drive concept is a wisp of breeze to small SUV market, let the consumer more intuitive product advantage.

This also shows that the importance of brand for consumers.

Most consumers are still in the phase of the first car or second car. Due to the driving school is not rigorous and usual practice is not enough, and so on reasons, consumers tend to need more time to familiar with automotive products to buy. If can effectively shorten the familiar with time, and in the entire product life cycle and consistent care and take care of those ride, believe that is a lot of owners really want.

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