How to create a car BBS website

Network, is now undoubtedly the fastest and most convenient social route of transmission, how to use the car brand, following me to talk about my views.

After the automobile manufacturer and then determine the car brand’s market positioning, consumer groups and market share for share, so the development potential lies in their own hands. So as the founder of the site needs to website home page layout, and the site’s home page layout and development requires clear thinking, such as the use of today’s most commonly used technique prophecy (PHP / SAP, etc.) to implement the framework of the site, through language website framework needs to website home page layout and sub-page layout, and this layout requires clear foresight, long-term vision.

Car brand BBS mode is divided into two major sections Home and forums, home mainly to the content of the forum’s return / display based. Take today for example suv manufacturer china       explain, roughly divided into: news, car news, events, modification, video, mall, public forums, member-oriented sub-page navigation bar.

Since the choice of doing a car brand BBS (car lovers) then the china Automobile Manufacturers or dealer for funding, This is a BBS will should have the foresight to bring this purpose will help the growth of BBS, as well as in the first time to make a brand of BBS riders understand the dynamics of this brand, is nothing more than an improved user experience and depth viscosity.

Forum home page layout is equivalent to a person’s appearance, store Menlian only have attracted the attention of a potential consumer groups it may be, to get the BBS is true, how would the owner left to continue to focus on your BBS? How will viewers BBS layout for home and become your BBS one, how to form your BBS will be the owner of the spread? So a series of problems, and ways to solve / methods as the founder of BBS all have different views and modes of operation, today I made ​​more than a few simple questions. BBS mainly in the form of community-based, and home layout necessarily important to come up with your particular car brand owners understand, tailor locate a home layout they want most for a certain brand owners, (eg: a brand owners together like a well-off life FB / weekend) so the information displayed page and then are these, when the first impression of a certain brand owners BBS for your good / very good / very professional, will become involuntary you BBS a certain brand owners over a period of time after observation / understanding of your BBS will make the final choices, and whether you will BBS outreach, virtually do the advertising for your BBS.

BBS do a certain brand of car is not a purely commercial product, but containing a strong emotion, modern, information, fashion, cutting-edge technology of high-end car culture spread BBS.

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How to build e-commerce platform for the automotive industry market

From today’s market, no one can truly become the automotive industry’s electricity supplier (B2B) leader.

This is a lot of automobile manufacturers is a good business opportunity.

First, we are now on the market and the automotive industry, electrical industry suppliers do some introduction and understanding, what is the electricity supplier? china Automobile Manufacturers in which companies really do automotive industry B2B.

B2B (Business To Business), refers to a field of a market, a business-to-business marketing relationship between. E-commerce is a modern B2B marketing specific major manifestations. It intranet, through B2B website closely together with our customers, through rapid response network to provide customers with better service, so as to promote business development.

Now the automotive industry / media / vendor / and so have a lot of money chain and the background, but for the auto market is so big piece of fat, as the industry will not see in person how it? They do not know, or they are carried out in silence waiting for an opportunity soon. In my opinion the current car market in disarray, the immaturity of the market, there is no company can really do Alibaba Taobao Fan year, are also waiting for the market / waiting for an opportunity, and also for late work actively planning with, I believe that in the next two years, the automobile market is bound to stir, to greet us was eliminated / difficulty / frustration, and are left to the elite ………

Due to the difference between the industry where, as a car purely by electricity suppliers B2B mode of operation, is unable to reach the industry leader or benchmark, while the automotive industry electricity supplier market, N kinds of services, products are required to complete the service through a third party to the transaction, such as the automotive industry since the market electricity supplier must be B2B, B2C, O2O three modes are combined, as the automotive industry, the electricity supplier market is unable to do good music to buy, buy this e-commerce bag platform, due to a good buy, buy bags of products and services is achieved without going through a third party, after a consumer when purchasing this product, you can directly reach the service purchase transaction process until complete.

On the current car situation, in leading automakers in china to do the best in B2B is Foday car company. Let our in-depth understanding of this company.

FODAY is one of the biggest automobile production bases in China, covering an area of 400,000.00 m2 and equipped with modern CNC Machining Center and advanced press, welding, coating and assembly workshop, it has an annual production capacity of 300,000 car bodies and 100,000 complete vehicles. With more than 20% technicians among a total of over 2000 employees and strong R&D capability, FODDAY is certified by ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification, and it wins the National Quality Credit Enterprise. It is authorized by government to establish Guangdong Automobile Body Components R&D Center in 2005.

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There is a big global automotive aftermarket business opportunities

From the current market situation, the global auto parts market size to 2015, will be more than 336 billion U.S. dollars

While it has been seriously affected by the current economic downturn, sales decreased yield reduction, excess capacity and financial instability near the bottom so that the entire auto industry, but the world is still optimistic about the automotive aftermarket is estimated to 2015 when the market will reach 336 billion. In the meantime a new driving force to promote the development of the market in new car sales, consumers prefer resurgence of a strong recovery of SUV models and alternative models of demand will appear. The entire Asian market and sales growth for the market, but also indicates positive. This gives the SUV automobile manufacturer has brought a lot of business opportunities

Automobile market, especially in automobile used parts china market use, Relative OEM supporting the market is relatively not so bad, as long as you want the car to run up, so like the fan belt, the replacement cost of the exhaust pipe and the brake pads on these vulnerable parts have less to spend not a dime. Even if the market environment has been restored to some extent, but still not completely free from recession. In the case of the current financial crisis led world economic recession, if personal income and gross domestic product (GPD) Always keep the current sharp drop in state, then who can guarantee that people will spend more money on a new car consumption , rather than just maintaining it look old. Subprime credit supply, unemployment, disposable income and reducing household wealth and consumer confidence have led to the decline in these parts of the purchase and sale of the entire market of appetite. Reduce the number of maintenance and repair, a direct result of the weak job market, consumer income and spending power decline. Volatile fuel (mainly the impact of oil prices) prices have a direct impact mileage owners, resulting in demand for consumable parts, exterior parts, structural parts were all reduced.

Equally complex automotive parts industry is currently facing opportunities and challenges. In the past this recession period, the decline in new car sales also led to increased vehicle manufacturers to provide additional warranty replacement parts products. At the same time, reducing new car sales also affects vehicle telematics, entertainment and other intelligent electronic products demand and technological development of automobile market.

Despite its current form is still complicated, but the market has been showing a steady recovery in the short term trend, which is mainly due to the industry still retains considerable industry base, coupled with consumables car this is the long-held, but the owner of the car maintenance the importance of understanding has gradually deepened. With the economic recession in the whole economic life influence waning, the automotive industry will also bottomed out, the worst has passed. After the recession, demand has become the fundamental driving force of recovery, for example, GDP growth, employment, income, discretionary income, and restore consumer confidence driven by these factors, the increase in vehicle mileage travel increased, as well as the influence of OEM auto parts and auto sales, etc.,. Professional aftermarket equipment / accessories related to environmental protection products will get the maximum benefits.

With discretionary spending can increase, street performance parts and automotive supplies demand is also expected to rise in the near future. Legislation and consumer industry earnings after demand and fuel-efficient vehicles loaded after saving products will help promote economic recession period. In addition, developing countries are also strong recovery in automobile market plays an important role, such as China and India.

Major players in the market include AC Delco, American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Ltd., ArvinMeritor (arvinmeritor) Automotive Industry Corporation, ASIMCO Asia Strategic Investment Management Company, Bridgestone, Continental, Delphi (delphi automotive systems), Denso Corp., U.S. Mogul (federal-mogul corporation), Honeywell international Inc., Johnson Controls, Lear Corporation, Magna International, Magneti Marelli auto parts, Michelin, Bosch, TRW automotive Group (trw automotive), Visteon (visteon corp.), and so on.

This is undoubtedly a lot of famous Automobile Manufacturers china has brought a lot of business opportunities. I hope they can grasp this.

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Foday SUV- infinite passion

As with most SUV, Foday X5 also had high body and largeground clearance, but if you look carefully you will find it is very different from the general sense of the SUV,temperamentally less tough feeling, big side windows andon both sides of the body especially the special design of the rear line, in the full show of force sense also makesfocus on the vision, let a person feel the body close to the ground, very stable. This will make people feel a lack of confidence in the bad road conditions, lest at any time bydragging the bottom .

Let us first understand Foday car factory

FODAY is one of the biggest automobile production bases in China, covering an area of 400,000.00 m2 and equipped with modern CNC Machining Center and advanced press, welding, coating and assembly workshop, it has an annual production capacity of 300,000 car bodies and 100,000 complete vehicles. With more than 20% technicians among a total of over 2000 employees and strong R&D capability, FODDAY is certified by ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification, and it wins the National Quality Credit Enterprise. It is authorized by government to establish Guangdong Automobile Body Components R&D Center in 2005.

Powered by a inline six cylinder and two sets of V8 gasoline engine, although the power of 170KW and300nM six cylinder engine torque sufficient to make itbrisk deal with all kinds of road, Foday automobiles manufacturers.

Nofree volume, respond to the pilot of a small move, but very easy to adapt and won’t let a person feel too sensitive.Also provides the excellent performance of the suspension system of highway from BMW car, drivingstate is stable but very energetic, even in the extreme case body remains stable, as the rear air springs as standard configuration in 4.4i and 4.6IS not only provideexcellent comfort, can also according to the load condition of motor vehicles by compressed air adjustment pressuretwo a spring inside, make the body keep and after aboutlevel. The engine running is stable, but the power to highspeed can be freely released, more suitable for road andoff-road is slightly inferior to deal with. The brake pedal is stable, the effect is very good, the speed reduction value of outstanding.

China Automobile Manufacturers Engineers know this point, the safety of the vehicle bodydesign to do the homework.

,    as ever pick upfactory china Different. Door body structure by reasonable and goodpassive safety system, in the European NCAP (NCAP)crash tests, X5 obtains 33 points, easily reach five starthe required score, in addition, it has also become in the European NCAP test won the five-star first of the so-called”big cross-country” models. While in active safety dynamic brake control system (DBC), curve control system (CBC),dynamic stability control (DSC) can be controlled in thecar as far as possible within the limit.

X5 should be considered in high performance cars across-country car shell, steering machine with the BMW car as accurate, in the middle position when almost

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Foday – ace car leader

In the international market, Ford is the export amount andexport volume of the largest Chinese automobile brand.As many as 108 countries export countries and regions,2006 export 32000 units, the first batch of exports to the eu. The first half of this year to achieve export 20000.

And other China brand is not the same, Ford made make a spurt of progress in the development of the export of “quality”, has been from the past”simple vehicle trade” to “system to do the Russian market”, brand building, sales and service network development, technical output,establish fitting center library, overseas factories etc. full range expansion project. Overseas customer serviceservice has become the focus of development, maintainregional service radius larger amount control in less than 300 km. Walk in the forefront of Chinese car.

Among automobiles manufacturers Ford car out of a unique path of innovation and development.

Foday Technology Research Institute has supported more than 2000 people R & D team, has become a national level R & D center,”workstation of postdoctoral scientific research stations,”Research Institute has advanced the development ofequipment and the forming mechanism of the functional departments and branch system, pick upfactory china , SUV and sedan, the development of design capability and power assembly the development of synchronous, can also expand the 10 models, test withthe vehicle and parts analysis, analysis and vehicle design ability

In hardware construction, Foday car made the general state-owned enterprises is difficult to do things, especiallythe construction of experiment center, trial manufacture center, mold center and put into use, the automobiles manufacturers in the very rare. The largest domesticenvironmental emissions laboratory simulation, vehicle and parts fatigue laboratory, advanced engine research laboratory, and the collision lab, in the construction of theroad test field and other cutting-edge facilities has reached the international first-class, the leading domesticlevel, as a continuous independent research andinnovation of tamp firm foundation. In 2006, in the “50 years of Chinese automobile independent innovation award” in the activity, Foday won six awards. The export ofautomobile manufacturing enterprise

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If you are traveling Foday

Both must have the speed, but also has flexibility, both to the new in order to be different, but also full of beauty, not only have the power, but also attractive, the driving of the car more and more high request. While the car boot speed is especially important, because we were all usedto get instant results. For people who enjoy their freedom,the ideal choice of the Ford X3.

Design elements of the concern in the design of the Ford X4 will use the X6, a breakthrough in the past pick upfactory china But the traditional size smaller, like the relations and differences between Q7 and Q5 Audi. The concept of X4into the X Coupe will be Concept, but in the front of the chassis,

Ford automobiles manufacturers Manufacture of X4 will use in the 2014 launch of the newupgraded chassis structure with X3. In the power aspect,X4 will launch a series of four cylinder and six cylinder gasoline / diesel engine with a six speed manual or sevenspeed dual clutch transmission Box.

While the eight speed Steptronic transmission will become Ford option. Ford will provide a unique xDrive all wheel drive system for X4, just like X3. The car’s suspension due to the adoption of new parts and settings,so will adjust to a lower, make highway vehicle movement performance than the same platform based on X3. Ford will be the SpartanburgSpartanburg factory in South Carolina annual production capacity from 150000 vehicles in 2010 to expand to 240000 units, so as to be able tohave the capacity to produce X4. X4 vehicle programlisted in 2014.

No other cars can fusion characteristics of manyextraordinary so easily.

The new Ford 7 Series car dynamic strong, and hasexceeded the other car smooth and agile. It seems to offer power resources unlimited, but without losingelegance and unique style. It provides unparalleleddriving experience, but that the new 7 Series sedan is100% pure Ford Ford 7 Series sedan, the art of life, only you only use, is comparable with the Audi A8, Benz Sluxury sedan. Make the company a Automotive production export company hefirst

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Foday everything under control

The letter “M” in the automotive world represents a strongfashion, wisdom, and extremely elegant, is the M seriescar designed for both passion and taste of the brave to create. Think out of the ordinary? “M” is your best choice!

Foday production version of the I3 used the concept carmost of the design elements, and the past pick upfactory china Just a different details change. The car has a similar to the MPV shape, body size length and width and height are 3999*1775*1578mm, the wheelbase is 2570mm. In addition, the car uses the design of open style, not only looks very novel, but also more convenient for passengers to get on and off. To cancel the B post column will not security, BMW said, I3 adopts high strength carbon fiber body, for the security of no effect.Dynamic aspects of the Foday I3 assembling a group of 22kwh lithium-ion battery and an electric motor, the maximum power of 170 horsepower, peak torque of 250cattle, meters, the car 0-100 km / h acceleration time of 7.2 seconds, maximum speed up to 150 km / h.

Charging,charging the use of home 220V power, needs 8 hours of full, while charging in Foday special charging device, only 1hours, full of electricity can travel 130-160 km. It is understood, if there is demand, Foday will add a 650ccdouble cylinder gasoline engine for the I3 (64horsepower) for lithium battery power supply, that is to say, the I3 variable is a hybrid vehicle, the maximumrange of up to 300 km in the vehicle. Become Automotive production export company the first

The car some EfficientDynamics concept car designbased on Foday, and on this basis, Foday automobiles manufacturers Hope to be able to achieve the vehicle on the sharefunction comfort, safety and information systemdevelopment

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