The user changes the automotive market segments

After the recent encounter many market sectors entrepreneurs, each will talk about after thorough market topic, there do washing, there is to do maintenance, but also do community service faster, but also some of the founders …… product package system wants to have a more detailed oriented, and some of the founders of pure feeling the stones, take things one step, and solve problems encountered. As an entrepreneur or leader on most of the energy products are put into, obsessed with my product can change users.

Automobiles manufacturers automotive after market products / platforms frequently rise, 13 years so far, kept investment from venture capital, to today’s prudent investment, indicating that the car market is indeed a big cake, but after the market’s baptism, not every product can have, so that the car market in the field by investors questioned, challenged market environment is not mature enough? Positioning on the product itself or deviate from users?

Automotive after market area is undoubtedly the follow-up services after buying a new car (both: Automotive appreciation class services: such as: car wash, beauty, maintenance, modification, etc.), due to factors over the Internet, such as a different user habits, the same product, different regions, use of the user, the feedback information are different,Many in famous Automobile Manufacturers china in the imagination as subversive drops taxi industry, changing user habits, but I want to ask, you really know your users? Your user location is really clear it?

China automotive sectors company, Both from the company’s financial, human, material and other factors, Tencent did not have the qualifications, but also great differences in the same starting line, some entrepreneurs will ask, then we do not venture, wrong, the small to play , much larger strategy, but be sure to meet your users, it said your product is tailored for users to develop, rather than allowing users to adapt your product.

Foday car companies no doubt this is the best to do, let us know under Foday company’s background:

FODAY is one of the biggest automobile production bases in China, covering an area of 400,000.00 m2 and equipped with modern CNC Machining Center and advanced press, welding, coating and assembly workshop, it has an annual production capacity of 300,000 car bodies and 100,000 complete vehicles. With more than 20% technicians among a total of over 2000 employees and strong R&D capability, FODDAY is certified by ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification, and it wins the National Quality Credit Enterprise. It is authorized by government to establish Guangdong Automobile Body Components R&D Center in 2005.

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O2O business model for the automotive market

Any one platform, in fact, are worried about the problem of users every day, I will users be divided into: Browse users, registered users, active users, loyal users, then how will navigate the user to become loyal customers, which makes strenuous thoughts and minds of many platforms . I will probably be defined as user needs: freeloaders, aesthetic, information and services. Today we mainly concerned about the welfare center operations, before that, we need to resume the perfect membership points system, membership certification system, membership privileges system, in order to attract users.

After 12 years of the automobile market since the second half of the development so far, as many industry insiders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other more optimistic about the industry, to date, no one scale, mature companies caused uproar in the industry, is our model right? Or the market is not mature?

,This is the automobiles manufacturers thought.

Certain platform will be operational after the local car market car lovers in the form of services, which is China’s auto industry companies to provide free display page ,china automotive sectors company , which is provided free display page This page has detailed information and coordinate businesses, as users enjoy complete after this event, but also for the business environment, service reviews, but only registered as a merchant account, make the shop, and submit information for review. Businesses can also publish information in a dedicated area, just released in accordance with the relevant provisions of network monitoring, no adverse information can be. These are propaganda platform for businesses, but also to prepare for the business of the trading platform, has been audited by the shop for, buy pages in product releases, product sales to the user, as a user in the transaction process, payment through Paypal payment can choose immediately arrived at the same time, cash and other options to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. As businesses can be at different stages of the withdrawal of funds will be credited into account within 24 hours, to ensure that the legitimate interests of businessmen.

As a third-party platform must not say that they have come on how cattle X, their products are service users, as a business you lose money to buy my product now, this situation is now much product or business community , and as a third-party platform sure to define themselves as a service platform, and service platform is not only to meet the needs of users, but also to meet the needs of businesses, in a sense, this is the author thought O2O mode to serve together users, businesses to content, products, operating system volume growth in membership, business occupancy, cognitive, approval achieve business model.

XYZ show itself is automotive media, businesses, private car owners, prospective owners focus of attention, we focus for private car owners and prospective owners about, because these are the focus of our attention, for example: we organize a free distribution of tickets, lead users enjoy the show together feast, PS: focus is not the ticket, but the platform will give benefits provided by the user, and the user has learned from multiple entrance channel, and participation in the process can have a good experience. Future events like this or welfare as a user first reaction will think you here, then I believe you’ve far away from success. Focusing on operating system and thinking, should not.

Automotive after market-related services, as famous Automobile Manufacturers china,Generally prefer rebate model, I’m selling you how much this platform products (services) in order to carry out the rebate, and as a platform for advertising generally thought to cooperate, then there is no one kind of satisfaction both for businesses, we have to make money mode it ? At the same time as the user platform again enjoyed the lowest price with the best service?

As a third-party platform, service users but also good service businesses, because the only way to meet the purpose of service in the true sense. Provide businesses display page, providing business information publishing platform to provide business product sales channels, which are free to develop or pre lowest price sales to users, as a third party platform, businesses and users to effectively deal, but as the first tripartite commission platform revenue from certain trading process.

After the car market this word summarizes the many services and products, as an entrepreneur I do not recommend that you do the big and the products, but small and refined products easier to win market recognition.

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On hindsight car brand

Among tend to show some people can not eat sour grapes came out Tucao, say this to say that like Jour like. I say its better to discuss something eye stroke “dry.”

I am not show regulars, but also participated in several auto show. Shunyi from the old country to the new International Exhibition Fair, the organization should be said every time the show are doing particularly not in place. Comfort and self-comfort, some things are self-growth process when reasonable experience it.

In the eyes of china Automobile Manufacturers, show the best promotions and showcase their brand means. So businesses have to win all eyes were “meat Exhibition.” What dry Lulu, Liying Zhi and the like, he sent did not engage in live striptease show.

In this atmosphere, the focus of media discussions often not exhibit itself, but the models on which scantily booth, a bit much. As for the “most beautiful cleaners” like the subject matter, the object of the hand are also often keen to push. So, when car prices are even the least sense of chastity are not, this show is not that the meat show it?

This year, automobiles manufacturers have a lot of rational, scale car models have been well controlled. Although there are individual companies to hire stain models also have some models even tried to scale a bit, but the effect did not reach the point of view should be the desire.

No large-scale models, the star led the atmosphere of the scene. Like what soccer star David Beckham, French actress Sophie Marceau • South Korean actor Lee Min Ho and Jin Xiuxian so, they led the media on the day of the cattle economy, but also reflects the higher pursuit of china automotive sectors company to some extent .

Of course, the vision is good. Due to traffic jams, the stars have to miss it and miss the first notice the behavior and ultimately did not miss those fans toss into the mix enough to choke.

In the past, the unspoken rules prevailed when the brilliant talents of persons who tend to be entrepreneurs who concealed. This has also allowed some media attention to the relationship between the teacher become the only type of growth while ignoring their own. This year’s Beijing Auto Show in combating commercial bribery unprecedented scale. This allows to maintain those relationships by taking the presence of media teachers “loss” is huge.

That’s good, when the clouds erase media atmosphere will get evolution. In this media melee and since the rise of the media age, to prevent commercial bribery is bound to really make the content industry with more opportunity to show. And for consumers, they can learn something more realistic and closer to the heart of media people is good advice. Content is king, is a recent hot topic in the media people.

Some time ago a foreign high-end car brand held a public conference in Shenzhen. This is a fairly high-end market conference atmosphere, its position in overseas a great fit. But still there are many who feel that the media is not enough under the brand precipitation situation hastily high pricing strategy will lead to sluggish sales. After all, China’s automobile rivers and lakes have been formed only in the case of brand support in order to achieve a high enough price and high sales. In this way, especially for the new brand before the product intervention, early bedding is very important.

The “new” brand continue to enter, but also to a high degree of brand recognition in the market to provide new opportunities and challenges. They all have to recognize that the rest on our laurels is not beneficial brand behavior. So when some brands are efforts to enhance its influence, some new changes and some have a certain influence on the brand took place.

Adapt to this situation, some time ago, Volvo presented “Leave The World Behind” may be able to become an important node in brand promotion. Spread through this one, we all know this Volvo with safety-known Scandinavian brands, clearly shows the security is not all of it. It has not been before the public find some meaning, but a “Leave The World Behind” seems to sing their brand voice.

If so, follow these spiritual songs do travel, we will find a lot of passing and yet we have ignored the beautiful scenery. We stress, confusion and confusion, will become more and more intense as the consumer enters the body after standing or fourth decade.

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Billion market car alarm system

2009 domestic car alarm system output reached 30 million units or more. Sales in the market, domestic market sales by 20% to 30% annual growth rate rises, the total 2011 market demand more than 11.2 million units. Another major sales channel car alarm system is the export, in 2010 the export volume reached 16 million units, but also the future brings space to grow exponentially the further development of the automotive market, the market for car alarm.

With the increasing civilian automotive prices,Rapid growth in consumer demand for cars and car production, the vehicle is a vicious robbery case also showed an upward trend. Stolen vehicles per day in China 1850, has become a serious social problem, car alarm market and therefore rapid rise to become a huge demand for direct consumer market.

Market prospects are enormous supplies automotive security, which gives a lot of automobiles manufacturers a business opportunity, a unique feature of the car four-wheel anti-theft locking grab more unique advantages grab theft system.

This system lasted 10 years, has been widely recognized by the market, in terms of auto 4S shops Group channels, has entered ranked second in China’s automobile 4S Group – Shanghai Guanghui car (in the country has more than 300 4S shops), Dongfeng Southern (factory-owned Nissan 4S shops Group), Chengdu East to create a country, Shandong Yuan Tong, Jiangsu Run East, Jiangxi strength, Yunnan Zhiyuan other domestic 4S shop group. In Chongqing market, the “sweep” all the 4S shop group, the system is installed in each of Chongqing sales reached more than 2000 million, even if not currently developing new markets, only to do the fine through existing markets, but also to produce with annual sales of 300 million to 5 million.

To this end, we have specially visited this automobile facotry china

. The basic principle of rush-wheel vehicle anti-theft locking system is electronically controlled check valve principle, in the locked state is equivalent to brake the oil plus a one-way valve. When the one-way valve to work through after the brake fluid stepped into the car and locked four-wheel anti-theft wheel not rush back into the brake master cylinder. The most important feature of the product is great difficulty system is damaged, even completely destroy electronic parts of the system, cut off all power to the system, criminals can steal or take the car.

When the one-way valve is turned on, the system of the oil passage sectional area larger than the original car brake pipe oil channel cross-sectional area, no brake block phenomenon; while passing the liquid pressure always follow Pascal’s theorem: liquid pressure equivalent transfer, and therefore the pressure in the brake fluid passage is equivalent to the transmission without affecting the braking efficiency. Anti-theft system for circuit design is set after main engine ignition immobilizer control system to automatically lock the shield function, when the engine ignition, anti-theft system main lock circuit is blocked, then the main lock button on the remote control function disappeared, no travel due master lock keys generated inadvertently locking four states. Even if the system broke down, when driving on the way in the proper use of the brakes, but also need to step on the brake pedal to lock the next two to three cars, there is no security risk.

The system is also very easy to use, and forget to start anti-theft system off if the owners, anti-theft system can automatically locked within 5 minutes; When the owner of the car to start the car but not unlock anti-theft system, anti-theft system will be accurate voice prompt “the car was locked, then unlocked car.”

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Automotive supplies market this year exceeded the total amount of 550 billion yuan

January auto sales data remains in the doldrums, the national car sales fell more than 26%, more enterprises begin fought automobile market. 2011 total automotive supplies market in China reached 430 billion yuan this year, the total automotive supplies market is expected to exceed 550 billion yuan.

In the domestic session of China’s largest automotive supplies cum modified car show, hundreds of companies from Japan, Korea, China Taiwan for the first time to exhibit local, as well as ten thousand from the United States, Germany, Japan and many other countries of the professional buyers to visit and purchase, whether or multiple fields from the new release on the exhibition scale, with car supplies as the representative of the Chinese car market has started to enter the golden period of development. They rely on automobiles manufacturers, with the rise of the automobile industry to take off.

Scene, car navigation, car antennas, safety seats, seat belts, beauty maintenance, repair parts, car audio, GPS positioning system and other products became the main exhibition.

There are 6000 automobile used parts china used to bring a total of 200,000 kinds of automotive after-market areas within the most comprehensive exhibits, starting the new year to reach 1.8 million species.

In developed countries, service vehicle sales profit is three times the profit, while in China is still in its infancy. Officially registered domestic automotive beauty decoration repair factory more than 30 million, more than 9000 business car beauty and car sales market annual rate of 30% annually.

Rapid increase in car ownership, led to new business opportunities, especially in service promising, the current domestic automotive repair, maintenance, service and required spare parts, supplies and materials, such as “post-market” services is vast, lucrative returns , coupled with consumers personalized consumer preferences, therefore, to expand the car market after the service is bound to the automotive market development is the common needs of the automotive manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

So a lot of china Automobile Manufacturers began to convert marketing ideas and open up new car market.

In this regard, a relatively vehicle sales, automotive supplies market with a lag of one to two years; 2009 and 2010 the rapid development of automobile sales, the slowdown began in 2011, the year after the automobile market consumption will usher in the peak period , automotive supplies will gradually gained popularity.

It is noteworthy that in this exhibition, car modification has become the focus of the industry. Car modified to reflect the unique nature of the exhibition hall E5 deliberately opened up the area as a car modification, has also become the most popular exhibition in the pavilion.

As long as the original design is changed, even if the installation of in-car navigation also belongs to modify behavior. Modified car culture just play a small part, reflects the individuality at the core of an attitude to life.

However, the conversion into interior and exterior trim, power, color, and other modifications, although for dynamic modification of expensive, but a change of wheels, a change in the interior, the installation of the tail, to be surrounded by other projects, has been adapted by many enthusiasts welcome, which some customers will also be the main future market growth modification.

In the future we will see more car manufacturers, or transformation or diversification, turning automobile market.

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How to treat domestic car

National Day, this time in “patriotic” suddenly became the following “What you happy” after another hot word.

With the passage of time we may find specific industry, then what’s the automotive industry, such as, “patriotic” is actually a very pale words: from design to manufacturing, from marketing to services, etc., china Automobile Manufacturers large but not strong, almost a semi-colony.

, But this does not prevent Chinese companies to produce cars in the large manufacturing environment, many elements can pursue ism. Toure you use paint line, I can use, you use ABB robots, I of course also be used. As for what laser welding, EFI technology, brakes, suspension, etc. All these are problems that can be solved with money.

But this is not a problem that can be solved with money. A few years ago, in famous Automobile Manufacturers china have made power high-end, they have been defeated, not just money reasons for less money. To break the joint venture brands of ceiling light behind others fart fart Britain children’s children is certainly the game is run.

Throughout the camp inside their own brands, Foday be a very successful brand. Foday from Foday 750 to 550, as well as new Foday Foday 350 550 and so on, we can see that it is quietly changing the flavor of England, from the Brits on the mechanical dedication to now make extensive use of electronic equipment, majestic catch the pulse of the car networking has become one of the few independent brands can gain a foothold in the senior auto market leader.

Automobile facotry china plants need to have some of their own content, and can be a good grasp the development trend of automobile industry, so a chance to stand out.

For those sync with their computer era and has become the main consumer of 80 later said that such an attempt would help to improve the product selling point, and the product upgrade from the “cost” of driving pleasure. If so, when your product has the extraordinary creativity and fun, you’ll find that your product is actually not so no clout. By then, you put on the aspect of large production lines, channels, etc., your system’s sound and supplier organizations, etc. can be very good from the price to reflect the value you deserve.

Among these, the SAIC appreciable contribution inkaNet intelligent vehicle systems, equipped with this system from the beginning of the first, SAIC inkaNet system has gone through three updates. After three years after, SAIC inkaNet 3.0 system release the car networking technology to a new level.

In the near future, consumers can be very proud to say that I drive domestic cars, the Chinese auto industry’s so-called “patriotic” will really meaningful.

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Foday car sales countercurrent straight on – to create a legendary car sales

July is traditionally the low season in the off-season, in this month, as the car of predators, Foday come out on top with 121,634 vehicles sold, demonstrating strong strength.

If, the famous Automobile Manufacturers china Foday existing models spread of view, Foday’s product line is undoubtedly quite special.

Foday automobile facotry china in the domestic production of six models (including the Jetta, Bora, Golf / GTI, Sagitar / GLI, CC, Magotan), where four compact models, both for the car. Neither can generate huge sales of small cars running, but no moment the most popular SUV products. However, it has two models, the Jetta and Magotan respectively, in the month of July, won the sales champion.

Is such a combination, had to take the sales champion, does require extraordinary courage and strength before whom.

Inject its sales models, perhaps just reflects Foday some special abilities.

Even if you are familiar with the A-Class, B-Class like the way division, Foday some models still have differences: Some models may be called A-, and some models can be called A +, then then a bigger models. These products are basically different sizes according to the size of the head of pricing, for the crowd showing their products to the successful people from the family car to the business use of the situation.

As we all know, for the A-class car or compact car, the competition is very fierce. If the launch of more cars, then strangling competitors will face even with the door cannibalism among automobiles manufacturers. Foday this understanding that different audiences have different needs. Therefore, Foday in the products segment, the thrust cars are not the same.

This people-oriented division of the way, and the moment the lean philosophy is not without conflict. Not Tandaqiuquan, no wind aggressive, perhaps business growth during a tremendous wealth of it.

As one of China’s first joint-venture brands, Foday enter China’s time is very early, even though this is now a lot of inherent advantages of a joint venture brand is difficult to surpass.

Also worth a problem is not just the wealth owned by Foday rigorous system of products, but also to show the full power of the brand.

Because entering the time early, in the long years Foday give their accumulated under the “rugged and durable” a good reputation. This reputation has been replacement by vertical transmission. Although they can not bring high sales for the product directly, but the first car in China has just entered into the next era of change trains or the background after the second car, Foday brand image is very easy to obtain the trust of consumers.

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