Automobile marketing to have offline events and more

Into golden nine silver ten this traditional car sales season, the major manufacturers have to work hard. Millet co-founder Li Wanjiang in guangzhou a few days ago the new book “engagement: millet internal manual” word of mouth marketing signings and millet brand secret speech said that the secret of millet brand is engaged and engaged time has come, and detailed lists the millet, micro letter, muji, and many other engagement.
But do not have a car. Choke refers to a calculate, China’s auto market from the end of time, there are 100 days games as well as in previous years, auto china Automobile Manufacturers are still racked our brains for year-end sales rankings.
Leading figures from previous years, car sales is still the leading china Automobile Manufacturers
Despite the seating of the auto market big change, but for most of the car companies, is a luxury for the first three names, do marketing as their feet on the ground, so that the year-end inventory when it comes to good results. But auto marketing, how to do? Is obsessed with sales figures, or osmosis brand penetration? A lot of car companies don’t understand, or you want to see do not to come out.
Then, actually how to do?
The author thinks, should get offline marketing, let the customer experience.
When it comes to experience, a lot of Chinese auto industry company may feel blush with shame, because they do indeed can’t compare with millet.
And see if it will be called sales, then a brand is ruined! Even caught only sales theory circle. Hand, faw-vw why introduce this niche models into the domestic market? Much more money to burn? Full support? Hazelnut idle?
Apparently not. So a fashionable, dynamic models, actually has a lot of fans in China. But for a long time, they are not exposed to the car. Until now, there are still a lot of jetta brand fans on jetta Sportline parameter configuration seriously. That is to say, so a group of “customers”, precisely, is a group of enthusiasts jetta Sportline, they don’t want to buy the car is a transportation tool, but a toy.
In the words of millet Li Wanjiang, many cars consumers hope can play cars, and not by car. But apparently, according to the current product family tree, faw Volkswagen most models are used to consumers, not play, this will lead to user engagement are strong enough.
Think about it, Shanghai gm, Shanghai Volkswagen, and at the back of the Beijing hyundai, dongfeng nissan eyeing up one by one, such as title is, after all, a name, inadvertently will be fleeting. But users engaged, once created, they became the car brand loyal fans.
For a lot of people don’t want to see the data. J.D. Power Asia Pacific company recently released in China in 2014 new car purchase intentions of SM (NVIS) study shows that Chinese consumers purchase intention of own-brand cars rate decreased, and mainly concentrated in the second and third tier cities.
Consider buying in intention buyers, said the proportion of the independent brand decreased from 27% in 2013 to 16% in 2014, this is also since 2009, the lowest proportion, independent brands appear even 12 consecutive months of decline in sales of “tragedy”. Joint venture brands, top brand purchase intention rate is foudy, audi, Beijing hyundai, Shanghai Volkswagen and buick.
Foudy car why topped the list, we look at her you will know the history.
FODAY is one of the biggest automobile production bases in China, covering an area of 400,000.00 m2 and equipped with modern CNC Machining Center and advanced press, welding, coating and assembly workshop, it has an annual production capacity of 300,000 car bodies and 100,000 complete vehicles. With more than 20% technicians among a total of over 2000 employees and strong R&D capability, FODDAY is certified by ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification, and it wins the National Quality Credit Enterprise. It is authorized by government to establish Guangdong Automobile Body Components R&D Center in 2005.
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Auto market monopoly profits

It is undeniable that there is a car exists profiteering, especially in the high-end brands. But this is how the formation of the windfall profits, is how to divide? But ambiguity is great, even the operation.
Have to say, car monopoly, is the result of the blending power and market; The resulting profits, of course, is also divided by power and capital.
China Automobile Manufacturers, is absolutely the planned economy into market components, power control market factors, and thus form a powerful typical template of capitalism.
Some famous Chinese automobile manufacturers the most fire when the profit of about 20 million yuan a year. This alone, we will know the high-end brand distribution is far from having a car 4 s shops that simple, powerful already into the capital — the basic characteristics of powerful capital is the most clear it for power, for the resulting profits but also has the ability of mosquito blood sensitive and dedication, it doesn’t sting profiteering illogical, it ding must also prove that it is profits generated by the power of place! Is said to have got a region of the audi dealerships will need at least bribery tens of millions of yuan, faw Volkswagen executive was perhaps related to this.
With even a minimal understanding of the development of China’s automotive history knows, investment, trade, market access throughout, never wavered. 1978 years of reform and opening up not shake these powers, allowing only, and foreign automobile joint venture; Deng xiaoping has not shaken these powers, just open a little more expand, the major automobile manufacturers to invest; From planned economy to market economy did not shake the power, because the car as a pillar industry, must also be controlled by the government; Accession to the WTO has not shaken these powers, just car import tax rates lowNominal quantity control is cancelled, can make a joint venture trading company, can make a joint venture automobile finance, the individual private capital can also be approved to make the car production… The sphere of influence, power operation mode or fine-tuning, but the core position, never change. So said China’s monopoly is the leading role of multinational corporations, multinational companies is carried high!
More than 10 years ago, there was news channels, a private company has spent more than two thousand want to batch a car project, not if really. Where did the money? Can think, can’t say that. The media also publicly disclosed, then a index of imported car is 100000 yuan. Car smuggling, but also in more than 20 years, are significant in the field of China’s economy, the social phenomenon, iron zhu can stop it. Strange, then, that made the closed power, made the shortage, made the disparity in price difference inside and outside and the excess profit, so also creates (dominant power is both a smuggling maker and smuggling, smugglingAmericans are known, do not have the authority to participate in smuggling is unimaginable), and use power to combat smuggling, which is a typical zhu tragedy. Car antitrust. More sadly, this is not only the tragedy of China’s car, is the country, the tragedy of the people.
We know, on the car of profiteering chain, led is not the capital, but the power! Power is on the top of the chain and throughout. Now in car antitrust encounter condemned by brands, is also a profit, but more a scapegoat, even is abducted by power. After all, brands manufacturers, have their own core competitiveness, market can completely on our own technology, product and brand of the corresponding profits, in line with the market economy, the basic moral has a positive contribution for consumers and society; And the power, is the bottom line, even without this manley! And there are no any positive contribution in the chain, only negative, not only relying on the power to get illegal interest, and destroyed the market, limit competition, hinder the progress, harmed the consumer, also destroyed the moral discipline, a vile indeed.
Indeed, the world’s leading brands, profit margins in China are higher than in other regions of the about one times, such as BMW sales in China accounts for nearly 20% of its total sales, but contribute about a third of profits. But their high-end products in the Chinese market is several times higher than the international average price, it’s not just brands, dealers participate in into. Investment, trade, every link of the hand of power, all want to take part of the price difference. So,Said imports a land rover can earn 1.44 million yuan, but that’s just the surface calculation cost, profit, 1.44 million will never fully into brands, dealers, how much power points away, heaven knows, earth knows, knows its subjects.
Want to automobile facotry china healthy development of the automobile companies, car anti-monopoly is the premise.
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Foudy launched the latest intelligent astern auxiliary system

For beginners, with cars astern is really a annoying thing, but we can’t avoid.
The famous china Automobile Manufacturers – foudy company spirit of “people-oriented” business philosophy, to solve customer’s sorrow is the way of marketing launched the latest can only reverse auxiliary system.
At present, many china Automobile Manufacturers focus on “reverse” this gap in the market, specially introduced intelligent astern, through calculation and image display method, the indiscriminate astern environment present in front of the driver, and describes the corresponding guide line, flexible teaching drivers how to control the steering wheel.
But not in China’s leading Automobile Manufacturers – foudy latest back the latest intelligent system.
First is foudy backing track system, main is to use the original car ESP/VSC system data, so there is no need to add any hardware sensors, any structure does not change the original car, so will not affect the mechanical action of the original car. But at the same time, the requirements for installation of the vehicle is higher, it is only have the functions of ESP/VSC car, other models do not support ­
Hang after the reverse gear, the DVD screen immediately switch to the reverse picture, through the screen, we saw there are 3 colors on the back interface of the line. These 3 kinds of color of the guides were green, red and yellow. ­
Followed by its, reversing camera. Don’t look down on the camera, its production process through strict waterproof, high temperature resistance and resistance to fall off, because it is a special camera, car on the installation and more consistent with the original car, hiding place more hidden, at the same time taking pictures Angle and imaging distance calculation more accurate.
Foudy intelligent auxiliary system astern, must use the original car rearview camera with (the original), camera, or use the special distribution and installed in the location specified, otherwise, by reason of camera installation position and Angle of view, the actual effect of great differences, to show the effect will be effect the astern or cannot be used. ­
Finally foudy intelligent reverse path, through a variety of color bright. Green line is about two green line, which represents the body line, that is to say, the body will pass by. Foudy body safety standards body width = 15 cm x + 2, the mean, the actual width of the green body line, is the body width plus 15 cm width of security on either side.
The red line is stopping distance to the rear of the line, article 1 with a view to 30 cm, article 2 to 60 cm, article 3 to 1 meter distance.
Yellow line is the rear line, said the tracks of the rear wheel will be yellow line will literally the rotations in the steering wheel and change, is used to guide the reverse direction, a direction, automobile body line with rear line forming Angle.
For driving a novice foudy intelligent astern auxiliary system, allows the rider to easily back into the Treasury. I want to later you won’t have to pour pile test the driver’s license. Install a foudy intelligent astern auxiliary system
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Looked from the World Cup China automobile marketing

Four years a session of World Cup is over, and passion will come to an end this summer.
84 years later, the time frames in the 113th minute, with a goal, in the history of Germany became the first European team won the World Cup in America.
At this point, the noise for more than a month of Brazilian World Cup has finally ended.
But for China’s auto industry company, a few months back and forth in the World Cup football marketing also temporarily come to an end.
The car has a close relationship with football, during the World Cup, a well-known china Automobile Manufacturers is the start of the World Cup sponsors.
Like a modern car as a royal official partner of the World Cup, from 2002 until 2022, when the World Cup in Japan and South Korea will win the World Cup official sponsors. This kind of big, long-term marketing spending to help modern car shaped the brand image of globalisation. Other car companies, although is not the main sponsor, cut corners and gain marketing, dongfeng nissan in hand CCTV5 extravaganza, high-profile sponsorship GO Brazil GOAL, jianghuai auto foudy land rover invited famous star Beckham ACTS as a spokesperson, each have each some tricks, each get coquettish.
But, for the sake of marketing and marketing, is a fatal strategy error for car companies. Immediate World Cup of soccer marketing, also is not a long term plan. And can do real football as a public welfare undertakings to support, for car companies is a subtle effect.
However, after the World Cup, the noise will eventually fell silent, car companies of the World Cup will be silenced. In the subsequent marketing, in one of China’s leading Automobile Manufacturers already want to good marketing ideas.
With Brazil’s World Cup in a football to upsurge, foudy yesterday announced the launch in Shanghai foudy football Open Day activities, this activity as a fund’s foudy foudy land rover China youth dream youth football development an important content of the project, mainly for the public to provide free use of a football field.
This can be said to be the end of the World Cup, the first time to the football World Cup aftermath the related cooperation brand of car. As we know, for the Chinese car market, the World Cup is a distant dream, but it’s so close to a dream! The number of Chinese fans tops in the world, but the team’s time and become a watch the World Cup, in the future to be among the world’s big stage, to use “tricks”, the need to Chinese own efforts, also need the support of all!
So, as the end of the World Cup race, does not represent the around football, surrounding the spread of sports marketing and has so far.
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From the front to auto marketing

In the entertainment industry is more, love is the gossip.
Recently, diva faye wong and Nicholas tse again, lingering in boudoir, 80 hours of news headlines, even yao marital infidelity N time so awesome topic was instantaneous.
Words faye wong li yapeng a divorce last year on the same day, the old love “together” tse in the face of the Internet has no intersection, as many people think that feng fei “hopeless” this life, when the Chinese entertainment lovers in the eleven years after the break up of the most famous siblings and again finally.
For a walk, to compound, which a fixation, although opinions vary, but the introduction the scream. How many the eleventh year of life? Can let the two lovers had passed in the respective together again after going through a divorce, this is how a strong appeal!
From which I got a very good revelation or marketing ideas for each china Automobile Manufacturers reference, that is.
In the car, good products need good marketing, good brand also more need to faye wong tse type years of feelings accumulation. And how to do a good job in marketing or word of mouth shape.
For car sales enterprise or practitioners, Nicholas tse and faye wong’s story has once again proven three unchanging truth:
1, do not give up easily any a customer, clinch a deal even if he has elsewhere;
2, any customer already clinch a deal elsewhere, perhaps which day will you here again to clinch a deal;
3, maintain old customers do more easily than develop new customers more easily!
So, dear colleagues of china Automobile Manufacturers company, grasp your hand every customer! And let the customer eventually become your loyal fans!
Recently, the distance of nearly 6500 kilometers of the second China cross-country rally (CGR) in dunhuang, gansu province. Surprisingly, T2 production set of manufacturer’s cup championship does not seem to be common people’s driver, but the zhengzhou nissan amateur team several ordinary users, their car is not modified models, only production version of the sharp thestrals pickup.
For CGR such event, the car lovers can say no one does not know and have very high loyalty. In recent years, as more and more domestic enterprises in competition, brand event marketing, tend to be the rising momentum, with pickup products as main force of the team also emerge in endlessly.
Although pick upfactory china auto market in the United States, however, highly regarded, long-term occupy the top of annual sales, but in the Chinese market, because of policy, of the pickup seems difficult to appeal, pickup lovers also seems to be only stay in the small scope. In the contestant, like zhengzhou nissan, bold enable users in the owner for the selection of the concept is advanced enough.
For ten consecutive years to participate in international cross-country events on one side, one side is around eleven years back again, car companies in the event marketing and the feelings of the persistent, all – in a word, stick to it. Or miss. Whether insist, or miss, all because of his idea of a “brand image” in line with their own actual demand.
Nicholas tse feelings for faye wong, the relationship between automobile manufacturers and users.
Perhaps the most original way, but sometimes is also the most advanced and innovative way.
Why do you want to do? At the end of the day, or in order to let the user create emotional attachment of car “brand”. Yes, just like Nicholas tse emotional attachment of faye wong, even after 11 years, this dependence can still be timely wake up.
“Combined with the event marketing strategy, bring spiritual satisfaction for the user.” Indeed, maintain mental interaction with users, so they really fall in love with you in the heart of the brand essence, rather than just one car, that’s the key to brand shaping
To sum up, and marketing in all cars, more widen marketing ideas.
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How to create a car BBS website

Network, is now undoubtedly the fastest and most convenient social route of transmission, how to use the car brand, following me to talk about my views.

After the automobile manufacturer and then determine the car brand’s market positioning, consumer groups and market share for share, so the development potential lies in their own hands. So as the founder of the site needs to website home page layout, and the site’s home page layout and development requires clear thinking, such as the use of today’s most commonly used technique prophecy (PHP / SAP, etc.) to implement the framework of the site, through language website framework needs to website home page layout and sub-page layout, and this layout requires clear foresight, long-term vision.

Car brand BBS mode is divided into two major sections Home and forums, home mainly to the content of the forum’s return / display based. Take today for example suv manufacturer china       explain, roughly divided into: news, car news, events, modification, video, mall, public forums, member-oriented sub-page navigation bar.

Since the choice of doing a car brand BBS (car lovers) then the china Automobile Manufacturers or dealer for funding, This is a BBS will should have the foresight to bring this purpose will help the growth of BBS, as well as in the first time to make a brand of BBS riders understand the dynamics of this brand, is nothing more than an improved user experience and depth viscosity.

Forum home page layout is equivalent to a person’s appearance, store Menlian only have attracted the attention of a potential consumer groups it may be, to get the BBS is true, how would the owner left to continue to focus on your BBS? How will viewers BBS layout for home and become your BBS one, how to form your BBS will be the owner of the spread? So a series of problems, and ways to solve / methods as the founder of BBS all have different views and modes of operation, today I made ​​more than a few simple questions. BBS mainly in the form of community-based, and home layout necessarily important to come up with your particular car brand owners understand, tailor locate a home layout they want most for a certain brand owners, (eg: a brand owners together like a well-off life FB / weekend) so the information displayed page and then are these, when the first impression of a certain brand owners BBS for your good / very good / very professional, will become involuntary you BBS a certain brand owners over a period of time after observation / understanding of your BBS will make the final choices, and whether you will BBS outreach, virtually do the advertising for your BBS.

BBS do a certain brand of car is not a purely commercial product, but containing a strong emotion, modern, information, fashion, cutting-edge technology of high-end car culture spread BBS.

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How to build e-commerce platform for the automotive industry market

From today’s market, no one can truly become the automotive industry’s electricity supplier (B2B) leader.

This is a lot of automobile manufacturers is a good business opportunity.

First, we are now on the market and the automotive industry, electrical industry suppliers do some introduction and understanding, what is the electricity supplier? china Automobile Manufacturers in which companies really do automotive industry B2B.

B2B (Business To Business), refers to a field of a market, a business-to-business marketing relationship between. E-commerce is a modern B2B marketing specific major manifestations. It intranet, through B2B website closely together with our customers, through rapid response network to provide customers with better service, so as to promote business development.

Now the automotive industry / media / vendor / and so have a lot of money chain and the background, but for the auto market is so big piece of fat, as the industry will not see in person how it? They do not know, or they are carried out in silence waiting for an opportunity soon. In my opinion the current car market in disarray, the immaturity of the market, there is no company can really do Alibaba Taobao Fan year, are also waiting for the market / waiting for an opportunity, and also for late work actively planning with, I believe that in the next two years, the automobile market is bound to stir, to greet us was eliminated / difficulty / frustration, and are left to the elite ………

Due to the difference between the industry where, as a car purely by electricity suppliers B2B mode of operation, is unable to reach the industry leader or benchmark, while the automotive industry electricity supplier market, N kinds of services, products are required to complete the service through a third party to the transaction, such as the automotive industry since the market electricity supplier must be B2B, B2C, O2O three modes are combined, as the automotive industry, the electricity supplier market is unable to do good music to buy, buy this e-commerce bag platform, due to a good buy, buy bags of products and services is achieved without going through a third party, after a consumer when purchasing this product, you can directly reach the service purchase transaction process until complete.

On the current car situation, in leading automakers in china to do the best in B2B is Foday car company. Let our in-depth understanding of this company.

FODAY is one of the biggest automobile production bases in China, covering an area of 400,000.00 m2 and equipped with modern CNC Machining Center and advanced press, welding, coating and assembly workshop, it has an annual production capacity of 300,000 car bodies and 100,000 complete vehicles. With more than 20% technicians among a total of over 2000 employees and strong R&D capability, FODDAY is certified by ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification, and it wins the National Quality Credit Enterprise. It is authorized by government to establish Guangdong Automobile Body Components R&D Center in 2005.

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